Back in 1998, GreenpointUSA was contacted by a member of the actual Meserole family. The Meserole's were one of the first five family's of Greenpoint. Richard Meserole had an amazing life. Read it in his words as originally published by this site in 1998.

THE FUCHS BUTCHERY OF 1876: (July 7, 2007):

In January 1876 Frenchman Andeas Fuchs who lived at 93 North 3rd Street took a hammer,
an ax, and a saw to Williams Simmons over alleged intimacies with Mrs Fuchs. Fuchs axed, hammered, cooked in the oven, dismembered, and scattered the Simmons remains in Greenpoint. Read all about it in Family Portraits...

FAMILY PORTRAITS: (May 12, 2007):
We found this very cool research paper that our own TD Marlo had been working on a while back. It makes for kind of an odd section because it includes these crazy thumb print images that Marlo had been messing around with combined with real story's about Greenpoint people from like the 1800's. A hard section to explain, but we restored it anyway. Take a look here...

PICTURES FROM THE WEB: (May 11, 2007):
Sorry we've been neglecting the site, but you know how it goes. Here's a fun update:The images in this section were found around the Internet or sent to us. Since we are one of the first Greenpoint Community websites, and since we are usually one of the first sites people come to when looking for Greenpoint information, we kind of figure that it's OK to display these images (giving proper credit) Take a look here.

Sometime in 2001 GreenpointUsa.Com closed down after 7 years of operation. At its peak, the site was receiving nearly 350 thousand "hits" per month, and became famous for its interactive bulletin board known as The White Wall.

Someday we hope to have more time to dedicate to the site again. Well that someday is NOW !

We're gearing up again to bring you some of the great content we used to. But this time, we'll keep the contact down to a minimum.

Keep your eyes open for the possible return of the WHITE WALL !!!!

Please stop back often to watch it develop. Welcome Home Greenpoint.

During the downtime of the WTG site we attempted to maintain a section called GREENPOINT IN THE NEWS. It was there where we posted stories about Greenpoint from major publications. The content started in March 2004, and was kind of spotty until March 2005. We're bringing the section back with some spectacular photos from the GREENPOINT FIRE of May 2006. Be sure to visit the section often.

The White Wall was the first interactive bulletin board in Greenpoint. It was quite unique, and really popular. It brought many old Greenpointers back together, and even helped a few high school sweethearts reunite and marry. It also caused the people who ran it to get into quite a few problems, not to mention the lawsuits. Will it return? We're thinkin' about it for sure. Return often and see how it goes.

THE GREENPOINT BOOK?: (July 7, 2006):
In 1998 WTG released the TD Marlo book (manuscript) called "Welcome To Greenpoint". It was the first book published about Greenpoint in over 45 years. A ton of them were sold, and given away to WTG contributors. Today, the book is actually in the reference material of the main Greenpoint library and the main Brooklyn Library headquarters. Right now there are no plans to re=publish the book. However, we have seen them on e-Bay going for quite a few bucks. Perhaps the owners of multiple copies of the book will put them up for sale on e-Bay again.












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