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Get Local Spin on Web Site 
Nabes signing on to cyberspace network  

The Brooklyn neighborhood leading the way through cyberspace to the new millennium is not some ritzy or trendy area, but virtual Greenpoint. 

The working class enclave on the Queens border is leading a pack of Brooklyn neighborhoods sprouting their own sites on the world wide web. 

Webmasters such as Joe Curcio in Greenpoint are the thumbs and fingers erecting this virtual borough of Kings. 

"I grew up in Greenpoint, I know every nook and cranny", said Curcio, who designed the Greenpoint web page. "I created the website because I thought that it was important for people to see what a cool place Greenpoint is. 

Web surfers get a chance to look at favorite local restaurants, learn neighborhood history and current happenings, and give long lost friends a chance to get reacquainted. 

Curcio, who created the Greenpoint Web page three years ago, developed the web site as a hobby. It is now the most elaborate of the Brooklyn sites. 

A visit to Greenpoint can take surfers to its writers forum where you can find out what it was like to play childhood games, such as the bottlecap favorite, scolezees, during the 1970's. There are also a listing of Polish bakeries and digital snapshots of marathon runners breezing or creeping through the streets of Greenpoint. 

"I enjoy this", said Curcio who supervises the engineering department at WNYC radio. "I'm a musician and a writer at heart. This is my stage between other projects". 
 Austin Fenner