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I'm still working on attempting to figure out the dates for many of these pictures.

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Joe Curcio, Carol Martino
Let's Go Mets!
Joe Curcio, & Carol Martino at the 1986 NY Mets Championship Ticker Tape Parade Main Stage Sound & Press Distribution at City Hall. That fella in the back tinkering with the camera, and looking a bit like Charlie Sheen in Wall Street is Phil Wall.
Joe Curcio Another New Years Day:
Joe just testing 1-2-3.
Joe Curcio, Phil Wall, Steve Shultis Take 5:
The remote crew taking a well earned coffee break. Front left is Joe Curcio, Phil Wall (right). In the background between Joe & Phil is Steve Shultis. The face behind Joe's hair-doo is Al Vitale. Left of Joe is Paul Mueller (back turned), and Rodney Belizaire.
Vitale, Curcio, Shultis, Tropea, Belizaire, Wall, Mueller Sporting Lam's
(Left to Right) Al Vitale, Steve Shultis, Phil Wall, Joe Curcio, Paul Mueller, Al Tropea, Rodney Belizaire.
Al Vitale ANd Joe Curcio More Mets Pre-Game
With the celebration baloons in the background, there I sit at the old Tapco sub-mixer in my Met hat next to City Hall veteran soundman Al Vitale.
Shultis, Curcio, Wall Viva !
At NAB in Vegas. (Left to Right): Steve Shultis, Joe Curcio, Phil Wall
DAS Joe Curcio, Joey Martin But It Says So In The Drawing:
Joe Curcio, and Joey Martin (Netia) working out the details for the new ABC Digital Audio System (DAS) at the CEI facility in Virginia (2006).
DAS Joe Curcio, Joey Martin, Matt Weiss Now It Works:
Matt Weiss of CEI (sitting), Joey Martin (Netia) in orange, and Joe Curcio happy to see it working.
WNYC Alumni WNYC Alumni:
In 2004 we threw a little WNYC alumni shin-dig and had a blast. Some of the old crew went on to work at places like Sirius, WQXR, ABC, WNEW, WINS, Radio Vision, WNYE, etc ...... but that night there was no place like home .. good 'ole WNYC where we all grew up. (front row, L-R) Al Vitale, Carol Martino, Al Tropea, Mike Kluger, Ellen Girone, Kevin Bristow. (rear. L-R) Steve Shultis, Pete Polanco, Jake Glantz, Me (Joe Curcio), Phil Wall, Paul Mueller, Rodney Beleziare, James Williamson