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File Exchange: Playing it safe for most broadcast systems
One thing that we're all dealing with is the ability to share content with many different systems. Standards are pretty good these days, and staying somewhere in between all of them is pretty easy by keeping a few basic rules in your head and tools on your laptop.

I want my MP3's
I'm constantly hearing about people getting in trouble for stealing music in the form of MP3's. What's an MP3? Why is it such a popular thing these days?

The PodSet - The New Cross Promotion Tool
PodSets provide a killer method to cross promote artists, and give the consumer more value for their
dollar. The PodSet is one downloadable file that includes multiple songs, lyrics, cover art, etc - but not
necessarily from the same artist or of the same genre!

File Exchange Systems - Summary & Abstract of conceptual design (A 3 meg file in PDF format)
A white paper on 2 systems designed and implemented, yet still a work in progress

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